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Grab a shovel, we're diggin'.

Depth is how we go higher.

Deepness, wisdom, understanding, intelligence... all words that have similar meaning to depth. As a person who is constantly trying to dig, I feel that most people are very uncomfortable with this idea of really getting down in there. I only bring this to light today because depth is crucial in our journey to a better us.

Digging in is crucial. It is the main component in really connecting with something outside of yourself. Don't agree? When is the last time you really felt that connection with someone or something you were doing? Maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's in your career, or like my kiddos, it might be in a hobby.

Guys, we have to stop skimming the surface of things and really be willing to dig deep. This means getting uncomfortable for a moment to feel as if you are becoming one with something outside yourself. I tell my dancers this all the time, to give the performance of a lifetime you have to completely lose yourself in the routine become one with the emotion. Same goes for relationships and jobs, you have to ask the questions that are uncomfortable to really feel that link form.

So grab a shovel bud, we've got some work to do.

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