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The Company

Cue music, lights, dancer. The music consists of a beautiful melody with hard hitting beats. It demonstrates a feeling of power while also expressing the emotion of peacefulness. The dancer is able to move gracefully but strong all in one number. You can see the emotion on their face, a feeling of pure happiness as they communicate with the audience through the performance. 


The story above demonstrates a performance where the dancer does what we call, killin' it! At Soul Steppin’ Studio, we reiterate the importance of killin' it. Not neccessarily by performing a flawless routine with no mistakes but by being able to communicate the performance to the audience. Almost as if a conversation is taking place between the dancer and the audience. We pride ourselves on finding passion in your soul allowing it to completely take over your entire body.


Soul Steppin' is an exciting new dance studio that will offer dance instruction to children, teens, and adults. Sole Steppin’s strategy is very well defined in our mission statement, “To teach dancers how to speak from the soul one step at a time.” It is important that we implement the mission into the classroom with each session we teach. A student should be able to not only learn new technique and steps but one should be able to understand the importance of finding passion within their soul. We want to provide every student no matter size or shape the opportunity to find a love for movement and music. At Soul Steppin' we want to see how each individual soul communicates with the movement of the body. 


We will offer classes for children and teens on both an open class and registration basis. It will offer open classes for adults. The curriculum will focus on social and recreational dances, fitness dance, and exploratory classes in ballet. There will be a heavy concentration of classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners, with classes offered in creative movement, creative dance, acrobatics and ballet. Classes for older children include hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, and pointe.  Adult classes will focus on social and fitness dances. Courses include Ballet Barre, yoga, hip-hop and social ballroom.

Soul Steppin' Studio is also an National Dance Education Organization certified studio. With a mission that focuses on the importance of dance education in communities. 

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