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Competition Team 

Soul Steppin' Studio is excited to offer a competition team for it's more serious dancers. This competition team will consist of dancers that have auditioned and are selected for dances based on the audition performance. Dancers will compete in 2 to 3 competitions per season. Competitions are selected based on proximity to Goodland and cost. 

Competitions are great for those who are a little fierce in their dancing. It allows the dancer to excel in the style they most enjoy and get more rehearsal time with the choreographers. It also allows them to see dance outside of our surrounding community and how different the dance realm can be outside of the home studio. We believe that becoming part of a competition team develops confidence, self esteem, work ethic, accountability, and leadership.

We do not strive to be 1st place at every competition but instead push our students to become a better dancer with each competition and most important, HAVE FUN! We believe that striving to be better than ourselves, we will stand above other competition we come in contact with. It is important to keep this in mind when considering joining our competitive team. We work as a team to ensure that each dancer is progressing with every rehearsal and performance. 

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