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Sponsor a

Soul Stepper

Where fundraising gets REAL. Be part of the most important part of the company - The Dancer.


A “Sponsor a Soul Stepper” campaign is an obtainable fundraising opportunity that our supporters to directly benefit the individual dancers of Soul Steppin’ Studio. By sponsoring a dancer, you will help your dancer’s tuition, shoes, and costumes throughout the season.  


Different Tiers for each sponsor. TOTAL YEARLY AMOUNT

Friend ($25-$49)

Contributor ($50-$199)

Donor ($200-$499)

Patron ($500-$999)

Sponsor ($1,000 & Up)

*Checks may be made payable to Soul Steppin’ Studio. Donors will be posted on our Sponsor A Soul Stepper webpage!


They will also receive a free ticket to attend both of our recitals in December and May.

Whether you’re a former dancer, a dance enthusiast, a dance parent or teacher, you can provide an opportunity through Sponsor a Soul Stepper that has the potential to positively impact the trajectory of a young dancers training or future dance career!

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