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Ages 5-6

5 years old by Sept 1


Classes Offered

Ballet- Introduces dancers to the grace of ballet

Jazz- Introduces dancers to the basic steps of jazz

*This class is offered as a combination with ballet. 

Acro- Introduces dancers to the fundamentals of basic acrobatics

Hip Hop-  Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements.


Dress Code

Ballet- Any style leotard, pink/black/or tan transitional tights, (no pantyhose), no jewelry. Ballet skirts optional
Acro/Jazz- Any style leotard, pink/black/or tan transitional tights, (no pantyhose) no jewelry.  Black dance shorts optional

Hip Hop- Any style of athletic apparel that is easy to move in and comfortable. 


Required Shoes

Ballet- Pink Ballet Slipper, NO TIES!
Jazz- Nude split sole jazz shoe

Hip Hop-  White Cassata Pastry High Top 

5-6 Classroom Milestones

  • Follow Directions

  • Refine Listening Skills

  • Stand in Line and Take Turns

  • Refine Rhythm and Counting (1-8)

  • Distinguish Left from Right

  • Practice Manners & Sharing

  • Execute Gross Motor Skills

  • Develop Coordination & Balance Skills

  • Learn Dance Vocabulary Words

  • Understand Spatial Awareness in Lines

  • Move Through Choreography as A Group

  • Make Friendships

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