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Ages 10-13

Intermediate/Intermediate Advanced:

  • For the student with 7 - 8 years of early dance education who has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the fundamental skills and is ready to move on to a higher level of difficulty in a familiar style.

  • Permission of instructor is required. Pre-requisites may be required. Students: Pre-Teen/Teens


Classes Offered

Technique -  This class is highly structured and regimented due to the classical technique of popular styles that must be fostered and perfected. Class begins by warming up at the barre and then continues to center floor which is followed by linking together combinations across the floor. The instructor will be using the Progressive Ballet Technique throughout the class to work on posture, feet, and arm movements.

Acro- This class teaches strength, control, flexibility, balance, discipline, and concentration. It differs from your normal gymnastics or tumbling class in that acro is not as rigid of a dance style. The instructor will teach things such as backbends, weight transitions, cartwheels, transitional steps, splits stretching, and chin and headstands that will flow from move to move with music and flow. Class will consist of mat work as well as an across the floor combination to show the transitions between each step. 

Jazz- a rhythmic stylized dance conceived in America and influenced by jazz music. Jazz combines an erect spine and formal dance patterns of Europe with rhythmic, flat-footed, bent kneed influences from African cultures. Class starts with a proper warm-up, continues with isolations, balance, flexibility stretches, floor progressions, and choreography. Students should expect a high energy class with upbeat music with a strong emphasis on jazz technique.

*Technique is a prerequisite for this class.

Hip Hop- This is a dance style influenced by hip-hop music, (Rap, R & B, Old School) cultural fads, jazz dance, and hip-hop culture. Class focuses on isolations, strengthening core muscles for break dancing freezes, conditioning and becoming comfortable expressing movement through freestyle and choreography. 


Contemporary - a fluid style of jazz that blends classical European ballet and modern movement. Dancers are taught to express themselves through movement by interpreting the lyrics of a song. Class focuses on ballet and jazz technique as well as choreography.

*Technique is a prerequisite for this class


Dress Code

Technique/Jazz/Contemporary/Acro- Any style leotard or form fitting top and bottoms, tights optional, no jewelry. Ballet skirts optional
Hip Hop- Street clothes. Jeans are not recommended


Required Shoes

TechniqueNude turners

Lyrical - Nude turners
Jazz- Nude Jazz slip on split sole shoes
Hip Hop- White High Top Pastry Cassata

Intermediate Classroom Milestones

  • Confidence

  • Respect

  • Dedication

  • Importance of exercise

  • Enhanced Concentration

  • Conceive Rhythms

  • Blend Steps into Choreography

  • Develop Endurance

  • Building Friendships

  • Work as a Team

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