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Ages 3-4

3 years old by Sept 1. Must be potty trained.


Classes Offered

Ballet- A creative movement class designed to enhance gross motor skills, spatial awareness, imagination, creativity, manners and sharing. 
Acro- Introduces dancers to acrobatics.  Students will learn stability, flexibility, listening skills, standing in line and taking turns.


Dress Code

Ballet- Any style leotard, pink/black/or tan transition tights, (no pantyhose), no jewelry.  Ballet skirts optional
Acro- Any style leotard, pink/black/or tan transition tights, (no pantyhose), no jewelry.  Black dance shorts optional


Required Shoes

Ballet- Pink ballet slipper, NO TIES!


3-4 Classroom Milestones

  • Name Colors & Distinguish Shapes

  • Learn to Follow Directions

  • Acquire Listening Skills

  • Learn to Stand In Line and Take Turns

  • Discover Creative Expression

  • Learn Rhythm and Counting

  • Learn Manners & Sharing

  • Make Friendships

  • Acquire Gross Motor Skills


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