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What's Fear Doing To You?

Hey guys!

Today I am traveling to Dallas to attend a Coaches Conference by Varsity University. It is such an incredible opportunity that the college is allowing me to experience! At this moment I am sitting in San Antonio, TX. The sun is shining, I found an outlet right away and I didn't get a middle seat on the way here. LIFE IS GOOD!

As I was traveling this morning, I started to feel a little bit of fear set in. Once I started to feel that bit of anxiety in the pit of my stomach, I wanted to pin point exactly what was making me feel that way. I recalled a moment two days ago where the same feeling took over. The moment where I took my site live! :/ It was an incredible feeling but to actually press the PUBLISH button, I didn't think my finger could handle the pressure. To be quite honest, I think I backed out of it at least 5 times before I actually felt the give of the key and saw the words, "PUBLISHED! Congrats!" flash across the screen.

I am having some fear because going to this conference means that I am no longer the best coach, dancer, teacher, I thought I once was. I am going to be surrounded by tons of people involved in the college dance industry and it is a little intimidating. Actually, its extremely intimidating. Anytime you immerse yourself in something at a higher level compared to what you are used to, it's easy to want to shrink away. Hear the little voice in your head that says you aren't good enough and want to give up. Word to the wise, DON'T!

Don't ever let your fear outweigh your spirit. Work through it and don't give up! I know that you hear it time and time again but you can do anything you set your mind to. The world is filled with things that try to scare you. TV, radio, newspapers, and any other form of notification can scare you. Heck it can even be the pop up on your phone saying your phone is at 10% battery life. NOOOOO!! :) HA! Overall guys, you only get one go at this life. Might as well try a few things out and have some super cool stories to tell!

Love to all on a Thursday!


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