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Do what you said you would do.

We all make promises. Simple, difficult and all those alike. Promises are easily made and I think more easily broken. I am thinking today on the promise of a teacher, a mentor, a confidante. A promise to take you to new heights, to a place you have never been. Making you a better version of yourself. This promise doesn’t necessarily have to be said but I think it helps keep you accountable if you say a promise out loud.

I am so truly inspired when I step into our studio. We have some pretty amazing instructors that simply promise to teach, to inspire, and to encourage. Whenever you step foot on the hardwood floor at Soul Steppin’ Studio, you are guaranteed to learn. You are guaranteed to become a better version of you than you were before. But does being a good dancer mean I am a better version of myself? Not necessarily.

You see, at Soul Steppin’ Studio we teach with real world values. We teach the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The way we do this is by showing our students that we as teachers, also live like this. A teacher is someone that must teach by doing. I have a hard time learning from someone that doesn’t live the lifestyle the teach. I think it’s hypocritical. We pride our studio on NOT being hypocritical. We do our own thing and that’s all that matters.

Always encourage when you teach.

I hope you all can relate to this on this Thursday morning and take a second to think about the promises you have made. Are you living them out? Remember, children don’t forget. Be the teacher that lives the life that you teach. Don’t just teach, model.



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