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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Happy Friday Eve! I know that Monday's were supposed to be my blog day but I like to write when I feel compelled by a certain topic and this week has presented itself with topic that is soooooo evident in our everyday lives. TEAMWORK! It's in our homes, workplaces, ball fields, or wherever else the world takes you. An element of life that brings about diversity and adversity. It's not always pleasant but so necessary.

At home, it's in a marriage. At work, it's in the relationship between two offices. On the field, it's all the different positions. But all these things have one thing in common and that is working toward the goal of success. Whether it be hitting that 65 year anniversary or a big win against your school's rival, teamwork does make the dream work.

Rehearsals are a very stressful time for any show. It's a time where we take what is not perfect and make it perfect by starting and stopping music a million times. It's moments where you have to be strong minded because a director might call you out for a variation in a step. It can be so nerve racking and so draining, both mentally and physically. But this week, I am a director that is so proud of my teams.

I have seen my girls literally pick each other up off the floor, speak words of encouragement, and also give a quick high five. The dancers at Soul Steppin', understand the importance of teamwork. They understand that in order to get to the end goal which is a successful performance or performances for the matter, they must work in unison with individual strengths. This is why I love my team. Why I love Soul Steppin'! We are a team and though frustrations arise, we always leave knowing that we can rely on each others differences to become one unit.

Just jazzin' around! :)

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