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Stop and Take a Breath

Good morning all you beautiful people! Happy Saturday! It's a gorgeous morning here on my porch while I take some time to drink my coffee and listen to the birds. Spring is in the air, yay! Recital is a month away and I am so excited! So as I sit here, coffee in hand, I think about all the moments we have that are quiet and what we should do with them. Have you ever just stopped? Like literally took a few seconds to breathe and focus on the stillness of life? We are always go go go. I understand this better than most. My life is a constant, on-the-go, whirlwind and it's so important to take a second to be still. I read a passage today on peace and how to obtain it. It really is a mind game. The idea of being ok with everything that's around you. It has taken me an extremely long time to get to this point and I think it's because I was looking for it in the wrong places. Some people find peace in God or another belief they have, some find it in a hobby, or some find it in a person. When you actually think about the things that give you peace and allow you to be content with a moment, hold on to it. If you don't take the second to stop, the moment will pass and you'll keep looking in all the wrong places. I had a student tell me that she loves how dance creates a peace inside of her. She gets lost in music and the noise is gone. Amazing! So whatever it is for you, capture it! Don't let it slip away. Enjoy the feeling of stillness every now and then. My hope is that all of you find your place if peace today!  

Much love! 


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