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Live A Little

Happy Friday eve! So many things to look forward to this weekend with our First Annual Mother Daughter Brunch, I am beyond ready to get this weekend off and rolling. Not only do we have the brunch coming up but we have recital in two weeks and rehearsals are in full force. Such a busy busy time but all the more ways to rejoice in life!

In times of sheer chaos, which I am sure you all can relate to. It's so important to ask yourself are you working to live or living to work? We are all guilty of it. We push our family, friends, hobbies, or anything else that gives your life true meaning to the side when things get busy. It's so easy to do. To skip that good morning kiss, to blow off a coffee date with a bud, ignore the phone call from grandma, or even forgo the pedicure that someone got for you back in December.

I'm here to say that taking the time to reward yourself is crucial in being able to get excited about working. We all get so tied up in the busyness of our lives that we forget to take time to do things that make our soul happy. Trust me, you need that vanilla latte with a good book! :)

With rehearsals going on, we are very busy at the studio getting ready for our big recital but we have not forgotten to take the time to keep dance fun. Sometimes you are just over hearing that song that your teacher has stopped and started what seems like a million times and OMG, if you tell me to point my toe one more time, I swear! Sound familiar? The past couple of weeks we have rewarded the hard work of our students with some free dance time at the end of a tough rehearsal session and it has been a huge hit! If they know there is a reward at the end, they will work that much harder for you.

So all in all, take some time for you. Do things you enjoy even if it costs you an extra minute in your day. Don't take for granted the things that make your heart happy. Remember those things are the ones that keep you going, keep that fire burning!

Love to all!

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