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But does it matter?

Good morning Goodland, KS!

What a fabulous day it is! It's a tad chilly but hey, at least the wind isn't blowing 100 MPH! I have had to up my use of hairspray in the past few days and I don't care what anyone says, extra firm hold doesn't even beat the western Kansas wind. I have spent my past few days looking like this... (ya, not my best shot).


On to the important stuff. Last week, actually in the past two weeks, we have attended 3 funerals for 3 very wonderful women. The first was a young lady that was part of the Maverick Dance Team for a 2 years. The second was Taylor's (my boo :P) grandmother on his dad's side, and the third was Taylor's grandmother on his mom's side. I don't know about you but that's just too much death for me.

Attending all these funerals and grieving the loss of some pretty amazing people, got me thinking about the importance of time and how we spend it. Before you read any further, take a second to think about how you spend each day, where, who with, what are you doing?

Both of the grandma's funeral's were in Montrose, CO, just south of Grand Junction. So quite the trek. On both excursions, I was in a car surrounded by a family that is the epitome of what a true family looks like. I wasn't looking forward to riding in a crunched vehicle for 8 hours and I let that negative creep into my mind until I finally realized just how special moments like these are.

See when I was a young child, my parents would load all 5 of us kids up in the Dually (5 seated pickup) and we would head off to some distant rodeo town. These adventures were never close to home and today, I am so thankful for that. I can remember my dad blaring some Steve Miller Band and all of kids hating it but secretly singing in our heads. I can remember fighting over who got a window seat because that meant for better pillow placement for a nap. I think on these times and am reminded of just how lucky we all were to get to spend those moments together, as a family.

On the way back from Montrose, Taylor and I stopped a little rest area to take in the view of the Blue Mesa Lake. This lake sits in the valley and goes on for what seems like miles. I wanted to badly to get back to Goodland but this was a moment I won't ever forget. We sat on a rock and just took in the mountain air and amazing view. Once again, reminded of the moments we have with each other.

I cannot stop thinking today how important it is to really be in the moment. With all the death around us, we were all reminded this week that life flies by. When you think you have forever, you most certainly do not and it's so important to surround yourself with people that matter doing the things that make you happy. I spent much of my life worried about all the wrong things. Driving the coolest car, having the nicest clothes, going to the most expensive university. All for what?

We all are guilty of wasting time on things that serve no purpose in our life. Things that don't feed the soul. Society is to blame for our altered thinking of what's important and it's time we get back to what matters. Take a second to think on the things that make you happy, the things that bring you peace. Think about the people that matter and how you can spend a little more time with them. Turn off the electronics for a moment and be in the moment with someone who truly matters. Do what makes your heart happy with who makes you smile. Life is too short to do it any other way.

Taking in the view

When you choose to take a second to enjoy the view, turns out life is pretty beautiful.



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