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Slow to Speak

It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that I write today. I write because I am so so so saddened by the events that have taken place in Manchester. My heart goes out to all those affected either by loss of a loved one, the terror of being in a situation like that, or even just realizing how pure hatred can alter hearts and minds for the worst.

I won’t sit here and think that by chance, something like this happened or that on the very same day, I opened my daily devotional to read James 1:19 which reads, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Man, that’s good stuff and a perfect topic for today.

Anger, man, now that’s a powerful word, action, feeling, or whatever else represents the term. Anger can cause turmoil, heartache, and despair. It can leave one feeling so pulled down with guilt, failure, and embarrassment. It can come on you in the blink of an eye but the key is control. How do we take control of the feeling that is so overpowering? I always love to apply things to what we do at Soul Steppin’ and how we tackle all things in life in the way of movement.

Take a second and think about how you handle anger. Are you a screamer, do you let it out in a physical aspect, or do you ball up? I’m not sitting here saying everyone should pull out a bible and start following what I believe in but I tell you what, that old book has some pretty good life lessons that answer so many of the problems we have today.

Think about how much less chaos we could have in the world if we just took a breath. Took a second to get control of our actions and emotions. It’s no different than handling a tough situation at work, arguing with your spouse, or falling out of every pirouette you attempt. Anger, rage, animosity. These get us no where. But we can use them to get to the next stage of contentment. It’s just finding the right way to do so that it doesn’t leave you feeling all crappy inside.



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