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My DCC Experience

Hey guys!

It's my last day in Dallas and it has been an amazing experience! Yesterday, I took my dance judge certification class which helped me realize my commitment issues. HAHA! Trying to pick one number to score a whole routine is kind of difficult. I would change my mind a million times before I would come to a decision. I plan on working through that. :) I also got to take some classes on hip hop, improving technical skills, and got some really good ideas from other coaches and instructors in the industry. Overall, it has been an awesome ride and I made some new buddies.

Last night was probably the coolest thing out of the whole weekend though. I got to attend a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Tryout Workshop! Guys, it was UUUHHHH-MAZING!!! Literally everything that I thought it would ever be! I got to see the studio that they practice in and meet a couple of current team members! I kicked my little heart out and dropped down into a split, multiple times! Not to brag, but for me, that was very very exciting!

I took so many things away from my whole two days here and I can't wait to get back and apply it to my classes. The class instructors were incredible and soooooo inspiring. The dance world is soooo big but the basic information applies to everyone and it was nice to get that fire lit back up!



THEIR STUDIO. Love how they have what they stand for on the walls.

The entrance to the studio! We are doing this!!

Lacy and I getting ready to start the workshop! She is a studio owner from Louisiana!

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