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Dream big, little one.

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful day. I am so excited to share this blog today because I have been so incredibly inspired and I just couldn't wait to share!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a 1MILLIONCUPS workshop. What's that you ask? 1MILLIONCUPS is an entrepreneurial organization that connects entrepreneurs with each other to share ideas over 1 million cups of coffee. Go check out there website,! It was such a cool experience and come to find out I may have a little entrepreneurial spirit in me after all. It was awesome to be surrounded by my other weirdos who find passion in the things I do. :)

Anyway, during this workshop, two presenters shared their business ideas with the group and a panel of "interviewers" if you will, gave feedback in regards to their plan of attack for getting their business up and running. INTIMIDATING right? Well, you would think so but no chance for these individuals. They stood up there with the utmost confidence and weren't afraid of a little negative feedback that could have crushed their dreams. It was truly inspiring because they didn't even seem to be shook by the criticism. It was awesome!

The whole thing really got me thinking on our dreams and goals for our life. There is no dream too big for any of us. One must think of the idea and roll with it. Think of all the little things in our life that make things a little easier, Post-it Notes, paperclips, hair ties, anything you can think of started as a small idea on a bar napkin or crumpled up gum wrapper. But they turned into something that gets used on a daily basis. Not necessarily necessities but they definitely make things a little simpler.

Anyway, I got to thinking about all the dreams I had growing up, becoming a doctor or a prima ballerina, being rich, owning a home, and of course, my prince charming. I would fantasize about these things and they were such a big deal to me. They were my idea of what would make me successful. With the meeting yesterday, I got to be surrounded by people who never let those dreams die away. They are doing whatever it takes to get it done.

Moral is, dream big. You are the only one who controls your dreams and what you make of them. Don't ever let anyone tell you a dream is too big. Choose to let those words become a small speck in your rearview mirror. I may not be a doctor but I have found a career that I couldn't be more excited to have. I may not be the prima ballerina but I get to dance anytime I want, good or bad. I may not be rich but I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and clothes on my back. I DID FIND MY PRINCE CHARMING and he makes me so incredibly happy everyday!

Dream big, little one. Dream big.

Love to all,


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