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Be mysterious.

Hey all,

Very eventful weekend for me here in the big city of Goodland! :P I watched two very good friends say their vows in front of God, friends, and family. I also got to take in a local dance recital which was definitely entertaining! I absolutely love watching others express themselves in the art form of dance. They all did a great job!

Last night I had time to take in a movie I stumbled upon on Netflix and it was very good. Long story short, a man is a collector of portrait paintings of women and through his love of art, he finds the love of his life. She ends up taking his entire collection which leaves him broke and alone. Sounds kind of sad I know but it was actually a decent film.

There was a line in the movie that really stood out to me and really got me thinking of how we look at dance as an art form. The line stated, "The love of art and knowing how to hold a brush doesn’t make man an artist. You need an inner mystery." Well stated, Mr. Oldman. That was literally his name which is ironic because he was an old man. HA! Anyway, I find myself thinking of the journey that I am embarking on and the road of creativity that lies ahead. I definitely love dance and trust me, I can throw out a funky groove but that isn't what makes me an artist.

I have been through a WHOLE lot of things in my lifetime. Good and bad, I have made my way through this crazy thing called life and it's been a ride. Not always glamorous, but definitely memorable. Lucky for me, I found an outlet. There are so many people in this life that never find that outlet and they end up cutting life extremely short. I just can't help but think, why? Why is throwing life away more worth all the beauty that lies in the end results. I hope I am so far from the end because I have so much more that I want to do and say!

Throughout my journey, I have found an outlet. DANCE! But just because I can throw a center leap like a boss or kick to high heaven doesn't make me that true artist. The true artist comes from all that stuff that isn't seen on the outside. The stuff that is buried so deep, to which no words can explain. That inner mystery that no one would understand.

That's exactly what Soul Steppin' Studio hopes to do. Serve as a place of refuge for those that can't explain the inner mysteries that leave them feeling misunderstood. So if you just have to dance, dance to let it out, dance to express not to impress, WE HAVE TO HAVE YOU! Registration hasn't ended so get signed up for the ride of a lifetime. I can't wait to see all the artists that step in on day 1!


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