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Hey all!

It was an eventful weekend this past weekend! We closed on our building on Friday. FINALLY! :) It is such a process trying to purchase a building. We had a few roadblocks but nothing that we can't handle. Drive by and check out the banner, it looks awesome! :)

After we hung our sign, we headed to Manitou Springs for a nice weekend of yoga and motocross. Weird combination right?!? No, it was such a great weekend for some RnR. We stayed at this quaint little place called the Green Willow in Manitou. It was amazing! I would suggest it to anyone and I will definitely be returning. Here is their link, Check them out!

My mom and I tried out some hot yoga. IT KICKED MY TAIL! I seriously thought I was going to die multiple times. But then I looked back and saw my 48 year old mother, killin' it and decided I better suck it up! :) Anyone interested in trying those classes, should! They are really interesting. BRING LOTS OF WATER, you will need it! I think my clothes are still sopping.

Motocross races in Colorado Springs rounded out the weekend for us. They were so fun, It's always fun to see the guys/girls who haven't made it big time yet, fighting their way to the top. They are the most exciting to watch, because they hang it all out there. They have nothing to lose! They ride their hearts out. It was truly inspiring because those riders push themselves so hard and as you walk around the pit, they are usually the ones with out the big rigs, working on their own bikes, maybe riding in a loader between races to get the track set up just right. Those guys are awesome!

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing Monday!

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